People Focused    Driven To Serve

Mission statement:

Into People Inc. is established to be a charity whose purpose is to:

• Advance Christian religion by holding corporate worship services open to the public, provide religious education, spiritual development and all the ordinances that include ordinations, baptism, marriage and funerals.

• Assist highly disadvantaged individuals through a compassionate, non-judgmental, non-discriminatory, approach to delivering pastoral care, financial, material aid, counselling, employment and  training assistance and spiritual development.

• Promoting reconciliation, mutual respect and tolerance between groups of individuals that are in Australia through cultural awareness programs and fostering social coherence and racial harmony by hosting community cultural events.

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Make us your National Disability Insurance Provider . We are a one stop shop to all services.  We help you be in control of your approved services.

We believe that YOU should be in control of your Approved Service Plan and how it should be delivered to you. With that in mind, our staff are available to assist you in implementing the approved services you desire be implemented in achieving your goals and addressing your needs according to your budget.

Our qualified and caring staff will assist by providing all forms of services and empowering you in becoming independent and achieve your goals.

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Our office locations are in Beaudesert, Southport, Stones Corner and Kingston