Following are our objectives:

Community and cultural development:

  • To develop and deliver a range of social, recreational, multi-cultural, and other activities, conducive to the growth of social coherence, racial harmony, and an appreciation of diverse cultures within our community.
  • Promote creativity of various nations, cultures and religious forms of arts, visual arts, dance, and theatre and world music.
  • To implement education and awareness workshops and conferences that promotes cultural diversity.

Human Services:

  • Strengthen the family unit.
  • Implement early intervention and prevention strategies to protect the family unit.
  • Provide Specialist Disability Services.
  • Encourage the formation of men’s groups to deal with issues.
  • Encourage the formation of women’s groups to deal with issues.
  • Provide care and support for the elderly by the formation of support groups and home care services.
  • Provide services aimed to assist the homeless, children, adolescents and adults.
  • Implement education awareness and counselling programs aimed towards early intervention and prevention for the various forms of abuse.
  • Initiate and foster networks of support groups of victims of various abuses.
  • Implement peer counseling and mentoring strategies, and initiatives that prevent all forms of abuse.
  • Implement personal development programs that restore the individual.
  • Assistance and social interaction initiatives for the people who are single, lonely and socially isolated.
  • Counselling, care and support for the single parents
  • Assist people suffering from mental illnesses and mental health issues by facilitating various programs and strategies such as:
  • Early intervention and prevention programs.
  • Education and awareness programs.
  • Providing counselling care and support.
  • Encourage the formation of support groups of consumers and carers
  • Culturally sensitive therapy for sufferers of:
  • Dual diagnosis (drug, alcohol, and substance abuse), stress, anxiety and depression, PTSD
  • Formation of support Groups for carers and sufferers of depression, stress and anxiety.

Welfare Objectives:

  • To provide financial assistance, material help and counselling to alleviating poverty, where and when it is possible.
  • To initiating and implementing enterprise strategies to generate employment and training opportunities for the disadvantaged long-term unemployed.
  • To develop creative programs and encourage enterprise initiatives initiated by the clients.
  • Assist the labor market disadvantaged, long-term unemployed, youth at risk, single mothers, women re-entering the workforce, and mature aged persons in acquiring the necessary training and skills to be gainfully employed.

Spiritual Development:

  • Various services are provided to the service providers to be effective within the community.
  • To provide Ministry credentials, Pastoral Care, Ministry, Support and Counselling certificates.
  • To provide independent churches and ministries recognition and support.
  • To foster a non- threatening, non-judgmental and non-discriminatory environment among ministers, churches and ministries by uniting them together under the common objectives of the constitution, ethics and conduct and doctrinal creed.
  • To take responsibility and provide guidance and support in Spiritual, doctrinal, administrative and disciplinary matters when requested by the church minister or the church board.
  • To establish churches and ministries in Australia and overseas.
  • Being a united voice for the service providers, churches and ministries within the community, and to assist in the promotions and marketing of their services to the community.
  • Assisting Churches and Ministries access Government and non-government funding, preparing submissions and incorporation.
  • Fostering an alliance with all service providers within the community.
  • To present the body as a unit of love, truth and compassion able and capable of meeting the needs people through the grace and power of God.
  • To initiate and develop opportunities to express God’s love and Grace through all forms of arts, music, creative movements, dance and theatre.
  • To develop, initiate and implement initiatives to promote the Gospel and good life through all forms of media and technology available.
  • Establish various training programs in spiritual growth.
  • Host evangelistic events, conferences and training workshops.
  • Initiate activity groups for the purpose of spiritual development.
  • Provide Pastoral care, family mediation, counseling and support.

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